We have been having the best + most tired + sometimes mentally exhausting, but overall best time loving on and soaking up this boy. I've said it a few times, how we were planning on being surprised with the gender of this babe, until our 20 week appointment when Pierce changed his mind. (You can read the full story HERE) Well, here's how he accidentally spilled the beans...

I was about 7 months along, and Pierce, myself and the 2 girls were in our backyard eating dinner. Pierce was looking online for a set of golf clubs for Anya, as those two will often hit balls together, or she will tag along when he plays a round. He was showing me a red set that he wanted to get her, and when I looked, I saw a pink set. I told him he should get her those, since they were the same price and she would like that.

He accidentally then said, "if we do that, then all of the kids won't be able to use them."

My eyes got really wide as I gasped his name, and it was so obvious he felt SO bad. We went back and forth with "does that mean what I think it does?" type questions and comments, and he wouldn't come out and just tell me it's a boy. We were both laughing and tearing up. It was kind of emotional, haha.

He grabbed Anya and whispered in her ear, then she came to me and said "It's a boy mom!" I could not believe it. I was SO sure it was a girl, since he had lead me to believe so many times that we were having another little sis. He would drop subtle hints sort of leaning that way, so in my head I was positive we were going to have a house full of estrogen. ;)

It was actually the sweetest way it could have possibly happened. I was not mad at all, truly. I had always told him and my best friend (who was the only other one who knew) if they accidentally slipped I wouldn't be upset. That was a huge secret to keep! I was honestly just so surprised and obviously very excited. After all, I was dying for a little mama's boy! I always have.

I instantly started online shopping that night, and Pierce told me to take it easy. Hahaha. I told him it was essentially his doing that I finally could shop. :)

It was such a special accidental night + a precious memory with just our little family. I will always hold that moment dear to my heart. And there you have it...


Oct 12, 2016

I was scheduled to be induced 6 days early. I went to my midwife's office the day before that, for my weekly check-up, but my midwife was out sick. I saw someone else, and after checking me, she told me I wasn't nearly effaced enough or dilated far enough to be induced the next day. I was instantly bummed out, afterall I was SO ready to meet our little guy. (Which, by the way...remember how his gender was unknown? Well, Pierce spilled the beans on that one, I'll have to tell you in another post).

I left the office really discouraged, but also kind of confused how someone who I hadn't been seeing my entire pregnancy could just decide I wasn't ready, when my midwife and I had already had it all planned out. (I was effaced 80% and a 1+ for a few weeks, and even then, my MW had scheduled my induction.) I went to lunch with my best friend and was discussing all of this with her. I called my sister who went to the same office as me, and she told me I should call my MW and discuss this with her. My body honestly felt ready, and if there's anything I've learned from having 3 babies in 4 years, is to always listen to my body. In fact, I was so surprised I hadn't gone into labor yet. I kept feeling like I was going to go early for quite some time.

After a few phone calls, and a couple very anxious hours, I spoke with my MW and she told me to go back into the office, get checked by someone else, and get a second opinion. I did just that, and sure enough he felt I was ready. He said I was a 2+ at that point, and with the history of my labors and deliveries with my girls, it was a go! I was SO happy. I went home, and did all I could to prepare for the next day. Well, what I already hadn't done. I swear I have never been so prepared and a busy body as I have with any of my kids, as I had been with Milo. I think I was so terrified at how 3 kids would rock my world, that I just couldn't stop going. I was even painting 2 of our bedrooms the week before delivering. Ha! I had the longest to-do list with some pretty heavy tasks, that I somehow managed to accomplish ALL of it. Pre-baby anxiety (and excitement) is real. :)

I woke up the next morning, got ready, took the girls to my in-laws, stopped at Chick-fil-A for breakfast, and was on my way. They told me to eat a good sized breakfast before I came in, so obviously I wasn't going to ignore that, haha. With Poppy's labor, I was SO HUNGRY I caved and snuck in some crackers, only to barf a few minutes later. It was worth it, I have to say. I was starving. Haha.

I had told Pierce he didn't need to come in with me from the get go, because as you know, being induced can take hours and hours. I showed up to the hospital, and two of my best friends were there waiting for me. They were there to hang out and chill, and of course they were there before I was. ;) Being late is my thing...even to my own delivery. Hahaha

I got checked in, all IV'd up, and from there it was a waiting game. I knew I would have hours to kill, so I brought nail polish, even slapped on a set of fake lashes. If I was going to be sitting for hours, I figured - why not look as good as I can. ;) I was sitting at 2+ for a while, even after the Pitocin had started. By this time, it was about 2 pm, and I told my bestie, Ashlee to head home, because I felt bad it was taking so long. Pierce had arrived from work about 12:30 ish, so I had someone there with me. She left, and right after she did, they came to check me, broke my water, and as my MW said, "my cervix just melted forward when she broke the sac." TMI, woops. I instantly went to from a 2 to a 4-5, and the contractions were getting stronger. I waited about an hour to get my epidural, just because they weren't as terrible as I have felt before.

In the mean time, my sweet older brother showed up to the hospital to give me a blessing. He had given me a blessing with both my babies the night before I delivered each of them. I had spaced asking him, but being the person he is, showed up and did just so. Although I'm not a very religious person, it is something that I hold especially dear to my heart. I am so thankful for him and his most kind hearted soul.

Shortly after he left, I had my epidural placed, and from then on it was hang out time. I had Ashlee come back because I didn't want her to miss anything. She did, and then my sister, Mele showed up, and a bit after, my mother-in-law and 2 girls came. By chance, I had my MIL in the room with Poppy, and I knew I wanted her there again. I had started to progress pretty quickly, and when it was about go-time, I wanted to wait 10 minutes for Dayna, my friend and photographer to get there. She and I had been talking all day, but I kept feeling bad that she would have to sit there. She didn't end up getting there until right after, and I felt awful. Lucky for me, she still got amazing pictures that I will forever cherish.

I don't know exactly what was going on, but they told me I needed to start pushing, so I did. I started at 7:21, and at 7:23, our sweet angel boy, Milo Kolei Pierce Scadlock entered the world! He was perfection. I was in awe at how light skinned he was! Haha. He looked just like my little brother, and Pierce in one. His toes and fingers were THE LONGEST things any of us had ever seen on a newborn. He was placed on my chest, and as I did with Poppy, I waited an hour (the Golden Hour) to weigh him, etc.

Pierce cut the cord, and I was just in absolute awe that I had a BOY. I wanted this little guy so badly, and here he finally was. I thought he seemed smaller than the girls, which is still so shocking to me. I felt in my belly that he was by far the biggest. Come to find out, it was just those crazy long limbs of his! Ha. About 15 minutes after I had him, the girls came in to meet their brother. They were both absolutely in love, but still a little timid. Poppy had been saying "baby, baby" for a little while now, and that's all she kept saying when she finally met him. They both kept kissing on him and just as I did at that moment, felt so surreal that we have 3 kids!

He latched after about 15 minutes. He weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce, and 20.5 inches long. Shockingly our littlest babe yet. His eyes were (and still are) very blue and I'm pretty excited about that. Anya & Pops are both brown eyed, and I've always said I hope one of our kids get Pierce's green eyes. Milo's are super blue and I would be tickled if they are here to stay.

As cheesy as it may seem, I know this little guy is our caboose. Life with him feels so complete, and 3 kids is perfect for our family. Welcome to this world, Milo. You have no idea how so very loved you are. You're perfect. 



Hey there! Long time no talk! We have been busy adjusting to life with 3 littles (under 4, nonetheless) and loving every second on our little guy, Milo! I will soon update you all on his birth, how the girls are liking (more like loving/smothering) him, and so on. Life really has been pretty crazy, and not surprisingly -- busier than ever. I feel like I should be sleeping more than I am, but I hardly can catch a second to sit down, let alone snooze. Juggling 3 kids and managing to squeeze in a mid-day nap for myself is next to impossible. Like I said, I will fill you in more on that later, but for now, I will be sharing a "baby-gear-must-haves" list!

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