We have been having the best + most tired + sometimes mentally exhausting, but overall best time loving on and soaking up this boy. I've said it a few times, how we were planning on being surprised with the gender of this babe, until our 20 week appointment when Pierce changed his mind. (You can read the full story HERE) Well, here's how he accidentally spilled the beans...

I was about 7 months along, and Pierce, myself and the 2 girls were in our backyard eating dinner. Pierce was looking online for a set of golf clubs for Anya, as those two will often hit balls together, or she will tag along when he plays a round. He was showing me a red set that he wanted to get her, and when I looked, I saw a pink set. I told him he should get her those, since they were the same price and she would like that.

He accidentally then said, "if we do that, then all of the kids won't be able to use them."

My eyes got really wide as I gasped his name, and it was so obvious he felt SO bad. We went back and forth with "does that mean what I think it does?" type questions and comments, and he wouldn't come out and just tell me it's a boy. We were both laughing and tearing up. It was kind of emotional, haha.

He grabbed Anya and whispered in her ear, then she came to me and said "It's a boy mom!" I could not believe it. I was SO sure it was a girl, since he had lead me to believe so many times that we were having another little sis. He would drop subtle hints sort of leaning that way, so in my head I was positive we were going to have a house full of estrogen. ;)

It was actually the sweetest way it could have possibly happened. I was not mad at all, truly. I had always told him and my best friend (who was the only other one who knew) if they accidentally slipped I wouldn't be upset. That was a huge secret to keep! I was honestly just so surprised and obviously very excited. After all, I was dying for a little mama's boy! I always have.

I instantly started online shopping that night, and Pierce told me to take it easy. Hahaha. I told him it was essentially his doing that I finally could shop. :)

It was such a special accidental night + a precious memory with just our little family. I will always hold that moment dear to my heart. And there you have it...