Cravings: Not really a whole lot of anything, which I think is credited to being sick. I still want lots of cold drinks and ice to chomp on, but that's about it. I have noticed the past couple of weeks when I make dinner, I just don't want it, and then will have cereal late at night before bed. I'm getting into that phase of pregnancy where I can only eat so much before there isn't any room left in my belly. Nooooooo! Haha.

Sleep: I have started to get back into the tired phase; like naps every day tired. I find myself never fully falling asleep when I nap. This kid is SO BIG - I swear, & it makes it hard for me to sleep sound. The end of pregnancy is suuuuuuuuuuper fun.

Movement: Like I mentioned, I am positive this child is my largest! I swear I have never felt this much movement so low & up in my ribs all at once. Also, I said something earlier kind of joking about having a breech babe, but I went to my midwife this week and luckily they're right where they're supposed to be! Phewwwww. I went to the grocery store with both babies and was getting some insane Braxton Hicks contractions. That was like a triple whammy. Ha.

A few more things...

I got a flipping sinus infection this week. I thought I just had a head cold all week long, until the weekend hit me like a ton of bricks and OUCH. Two words: Neti Pot. That thing saved my sanity!

I'm measuring 1 week ahead. I keep thinking I will make it to my due date, but there is a teeny tiny little inkling that I might juuuust go a titch early. Probably just wishful thinking. ;)

Still full blown nesting. I have a big to-do list to finish well before October 18, and getting plenty of pumpkins on my porch is at the top of that list. COME ON FALL!

It has started to slightly cool down, but I am still sweaty AF. It's super cute when I'm just sitting there, sweaty, talking to someone. NOT. I am a damn oven. I can not wait for the snow and to actually be cold again.

I am positive this kid is scooching more and more south, cause holy pressure. I don't ever recall feeling this much, this low this early on. It's so not pleasant at any time...the only way I can get any relief is lying on my side with a pillow underneath my belly and legs.

This sounds like a whole lot of bitching, and regardless of the sleepless nights and pain - I am SO THANKFUL to be carrying a healthy baby. We have never had any issues getting pregnant, (this child was a big, unplanned surprise) and I feel so incredibly blessed that way. Our babies are the absolute light of our lives, and I would deal with back pain, Braxton Hicks, constant jabs, and months of nausea over a million times for those little sugars.

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Photography by Dayna Turnblom for Jessica Janae Photography