CRAVINGS: Ice, ice baby. I have taken a big cup of crushed ice with me everywhere I go. I have done this both pregnancies, so I'm not surprised this happened this time around again too. My mom had the exact same craving, as well. I like my drinks with loads of ice, and a little bit of actual drink. I don't know what it is, but nothing tastes better. Hot chocolate has been on my radar, too. I'm such a coffee freak, but that hot chocolate has never been yummier. :)

SLEEP: Ha. Yeah right. I'm pretty much in that textbook phase of the very end of pregnancy. Lots of tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable, my hips hurt, I pee SO MANY TIMES in the night, bla bla. I'm a deep sleeper, but these last couple of weeks just suck.

MOVEMENT: Honestly, I'm shocked I haven't gone into labor with how much movement and contractions I've been having. I truly have thought every single day, "Oh, today is the day, I know it!" and nope. Still snug in there, just super tall, or super bony. Probably both, if this kid is anything like dad.

I got checked again, and STILL at a 1 and 80 percent. I was surprised to hear that with how many contractions I've had, but at least I'm not a 0, right? Ha.

Waddling is FULL BLOWN these days. There is no walking normal for me. In fact, the other day, I sort of tried to ...what would I say, trot/move swiftly? into my house and it was a joke. I'm sure my neighbors got a kick out that. (Poppy was inside and I ran out to my car for a second, and our doors lock from the inside, so I had to hurry and get back so she didn't lock me out. Trust me, I wouldn't be trying to get anywhere that fast for fun.) I'm sure people wonder if something is wrong with me at the store, but if you know me, that isn't stopping me from going anywhere. ;) Mostly.

I have been a madwoman trying to get EVERYTHING done on my to-do list. I can't be having this baby knowing I have a few things left to do, that will essentially make my life easier after I deliver. I am not one who deals with stress very well, and I'm just preparing for 3 kids under 4 to kick my ass. I've heard lots of very interesting things about the 3rd, so I'm just trying to save myself while I can. I painted my bedroom a light gray to match the rest of our house, because I figured I would rather nurse in a pretty, relaxing color than the ugly yellow it was. So, big belly bumping into my walls and all, that room was finished. I'm doing Anya's as well, and then my to-do list will be complete!

Pierce left on a guys trip he goes on every fall this week, and I was a tad bit nervous. But I did everything I could to make it as easy and chill as possible on myself. Usually I wouldn't be nervous about him leaving me with the kids for 5 days, but with me being SO close, especially with all my contractions, I was prepared to call him and tell him he had to hurry home. I was sure my water was gonna break. I even had a dream my water broke and he had to make the 10 hour drive back. Of course, it didn't, and we all survived without dad.

We are sooo close...stay tuned!

dress: Asos maternity

Photography by Dayna Turnblom for Jessica Janae Photography