In the prime of my tween-hood, I, like millions of other 13 year old girls (and boys) were obsessed with miss Britney. From her school-girl days, to her slave era, I was through and through a Britney Spears fanatic. I remember so clearly my sisters & I practicing all of her dances on MTV, trying to recreate her hair & make-up and of course, re-watching "The Diary of Britney Spears" over and over again. So when I was brainstorming on what to dress up Anya as for the Halloween edition of Celeb Sunday, the infamous red cat suit "Oops, I did it again" look immediately came to mind. I had to do it. I can't tell you how many times I would run home after middle school to make it in time to catch the queen of the '00's on MTV just to see this music video. I will forever love this look Britney did, and no matter how cray cray she gets, I'll always be a fan. ;) Hope you get a laugh out of this like I did, it's just too good...

We are basically in a sugar coma today, not doing much of anything...I know I'll be sneaking a few treats from Anya's Halloween candy stash. ;) Hope you had an awesome night!

xo, WAW

wig: similar

red cat suit: Ebay

boots: similar