Oh these pictures have my heart. My sweet baby girls are everything...

I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and feeling SO much better than I was for the first 21 weeks. I was sick as a dog, tired, and couldn't get away without napping just shortly after waking up every single day. We went in for our big 20 week appointment about a month ago. When I first told Pierce I think I might be pregnant, he told me to PROMISE that we won't find out the gender! I was hesitant, but as time went on I got more and more excited at the idea of being surprised. Needless to say, when we were going over the ultrasound, and I told the tech I did NOT want to know the gender, Pierce was having second thoughts. We received an envelope with the gender in it that I was planning on mailing to my best friend. I'm due with this babe on her birthday, so we thought it would be a fun surprise if she were the only person to know!

Pierce couldn't wait any longer, so he sneaked open the envelope to find out the gender, while I plugged my ears and closed my eyes so I wasn't given any hints! I still do not know, and I'm honestly shocked nobody has slipped up to me yet. I really hope we can make it just 3.5 more months because I can only imagine how fun it will be. Whatever I'm having, I am just so excited to become a mommy again to another amazing tiny person. Motherhood really is THE VERY BEST.

xo, WAW

on me: dress, sold out, romper version HERE (and I've worn it probably 20 times since buying it. PERFECT pregnant summer dress) // on Poppy: outfit (similar) // on Anya: tank // pants: similar and SUCH a fun outfit!!!

Photography by Dayna Turnblom for Jessica Janae Photography